Do you often think about how to hire the right people for the job in your organization? Of course you do. How many times have you heard the phrase, “our people are out most important asset”? (More times than you can count.) As the CEO of your small business, you may have to find the right people to do the work. This is the toughest job in any business. Without the right people, the work may suffer or not get done. If you believe that your people are your most important asset then invest in the right ones.

how to hire the right people for the job

You might ask, “how do I learn how to hire the right people for the job?” This list of eight points that I use with my clients is a good place to start. Use this list to avoid just hiring warm bodies to fill a slot.

  1. Use job match tool – Have your final two candidates take an assessment that matches their attributes to the job requirements. Let that information serve to help you make your hiring decision.
  2. Create exhaustive job description – Be sure that your job descriptions include expectations, outcomes, metrics so that the new hire can be appraised objectively
  3. Throw out half the resumes – Ignore resumes from people who are just looking for any kind of work. Be sure to match resume content, time frames and experience to your needs
  4. Check references fully – Ensure references are not set up to give positive information. Probe for  underlying causes of behavior on the job and reasons for leaving a job
  5. Set up simulation of situations – Create simulated circumstances of the position during the interview and have the candidate address the issue to get it resolved.
  6. Have multiple interviewers – Engage several people in the interview process. Have people in the same department/function and other peers talk with the final candidates
  7. Create a “workday” with current employees – Have the final candidates spend at least half a day in the actual working environment with incumbents.
  8. Create a matrix of qualifications – Develop a graphic chart of requirements, experiential and technical, that will facilitate the task of candidate comparisons.

This is how to hire the right people for the job. No more firing warm bodies after 30 days.

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