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Tahajra was searching online for help to save her “sinking boat”. She found an organization that may have been to help her, however, they never connected. Fortunately, my information was listed on their web site and she contacted me directly. I was able to give her some immediate help and now we are developing a long term strategy. The Vision worksheet she completed changed her entire view of her future. Now she’s sleeping at night and is spending more time with her 8 year old son!

Hi Richard,

You are definitely a man of your word. You said you helped small business owners gain clarity and direction and that is 100% what you did and all it took was one meeting. It’s AMAZING how much insight and guidance you were able to offer in such a short space of time.

Thanks for everything, you’ve done. I’m really starting to see my thinking go from utter chaos to a cool calm “you’ve got this” style. I have peace of mind now that I’m able to see and understand the direction I have to travel. Things were very blurry and fragmented but now, they’re becoming clearer and those fragments are finally beginning to fit together.

The goalsetting and vision articulation worksheets have been invaluable because they were another way for me to compartmentalize all the confusion that was in my head and make sense of it once it was transferred onto paper.

My staff has even began acting differently towards me (in a good way). We had a good relationship before, but there’s always room for improvement and I can see them taking shape already. I know it’s because there’s been such a change in myself that they can see it too.

You gave me the tools I needed to help fix my broken, sinking boat so I could begin to sail again. Words cannot half express the gratitude I feel for the support and advice you’ve provided. The Absolutely Richard way, absolutely works! 🙂

Thank you!


If you want to start sleeping at night and spending more time with your family or on the golf course, contact me today to schedule a free consultation! There is absolutely no risk.

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